New York, New York!

Incredible and magic city to visit again and again. My main recommendations: 1. Eat pastrami at Katz's Delicatessen. 2. Visit candy stores. 3. Take breakfast at Pershing Square.

Wine or not wine

You will find the most beautiful Mcdonald's. Don't forget to visit wine warehouse.

The clocktower

The clocktower. There are a lot of good places to drink beer, eat pork and enjoy tasty desserts.

Boston, a tech city

Boston is super techy. You can hear programmers talking in the streets. My Challenge for you: Look for an oyster soup served into a bread ;)

Windy City

Chicago and its Buffalo wings 1 - Sebastián 0. My main recommendations: 1. Eat the famous Chicago pizza. 2. Take a walking tour, there are a lot of free tours. 3. Give it a chance to the Museum. My challenge for you: Find a bar where you can drink more than 24 kinds of beer.

Rocky steps!

A mandatory place for Rocky's fan. My Challenge for you: Find the best donut into Reading Terminal Market.


Enjoy South Beach!! it'd be good rent a car and go shopping tour.

True Lies

Good opportunity to rent a car in Miami and enjoys the day. My challenge: Look for a big marines statue.


The best seafood that I've ever tasted. My challenge: eat in every store located into central market.

Cold water

Pacific ocean is colder.. My challenge: Wait for sunset taking a beer in the beach.

I wanna wine

Enjoy wine tour.. My challenge: Look for a hot chocolate in the top of mountain.

Cool fish

You can rent a car and go fishing nearby. My recommendation: Find and test Dissostichus eleginoides.


Anything else, just nature and chocolate..

Beautiful beaches. Take care your wallet.

Beautiful beaches. Take care your wallet.

White sand

I recommend this tour from Isla Margarita, its a full day tour.

2 worlds

A city which still remain splitted by a imaginaire wall. A lot museums to attend and living history to walk its streets.

Castillo de If

The city doesn't give you to much options, but you can visit IF castle. The Count of Monte Cristo was inspired in its walls.

Gastronomy and culture

One of my favorites cities, an incredible mix of museum, restaurants, pubs, parks and so on.

The king in the north

A city inside a city. Beautiful balance between the past and present.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

A city which never ends. A place fulfilled of stories.

Very fashionable

The smallest and strongest coffee that I've remember.

A city raised from its ashes

I mainly remember it's delicious rabbit.

Santa Teresa

A beautiful beach and too much dust, wet weather.

Where is my chair?

Incredible city