software programmer

Job description: 1. Reviewing operating systems and software frequently and making any adjustments necessary to keep them running well. 2. Writing code and implementing computer programs on multiple systems in the business. 3. Building and using computer-assisted software engineering tools to automate some coding. 4. Performing all requirements needed for the implementation of automated computer systems from start to finish. 5. Using code libraries to simplify the writing of code. 6. Collaborating with software developers in the creation of programs for their organization.


Software programmer | Functional Analyst

Job description: 1. Writing and testing code for new programs. 2. Updating existing programs. 3. Identifying and correcting coding errors. 4. Rewriting programs for different operating systems. 5. Secure programs against cybersecurity threats.


Software programmer

Job description: 1. Coding and debugging. 2. Designing and testing computer structures. 3. Troubleshooting system errors. 4. Writing computer instructions. 5. Managing database systems. 6. Maintaining operating systems.

BBVA Venezuela

software programmer

Job description: 1. Researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs. 2. Testing and evaluating new programs. 3. Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications. 4. Writing and implementing efficient code. 5. Determining operational practicality. 6. Developing quality assurance procedures.


Software programmer | Functional analyst

Job description: 1. Analyze and evaluate existing systems for performance. 2. Perform gap analysis and suggest solutions. 3. Create plans for change based on analyzed requirements. 4. Facilitate configuration management. 5. Document changes being made and relevant teaching manuals

Pampa BI

Functional Analyst & PM IT

Job description: The main activities that I was responsible for in my position were taking care of IT projects and working with several of them at the same time. Also, I needed to understand client’s necessities and requirements. I have defined specification for the development area. I Protected the team from outside interruptions and distractions and removed impediments. I Created, managed and reported on team metrics and progress of sprints and releases.



Job description: 1. Developing project plans, goals, and budgets; identifying resources needed. 2. Developing schedules and methods for measuring results. 3. Guiding and performing strategic analysis for the project. 4. Organising and managing all phases of the project to ensure on-time completion

Club deportivo Empalme Villa Constitución

Scrum Master

Job description: Team building, functional analyst of complex system, team task management, orientation to results. Agile methodologies. Tools: Jira + Teams. Technologies: Net.Core + ERP.



Job description: 1. Creating and implementing project definitions, goals and roadmaps for one or more small to medium sized projects. 2. Planning sprints, prioritising backlog and organising time and resources in a creative way. 3. Developing material for project activities like project kickoff, project status, and project closeout. 4. Leading project team members to ensure communication and understanding of deadlines, assignments and objectives. 5. Performing ongoing status updates and identifying possible risks. Tools: ClickUp + Slack. Technologies: Node.JS + React.